Term 1 Reflection

From term 1, there have been a couple of difficult times and great moments. The best part of term 1 for me is the trip to the SAF open house , i have learn a lot of things there such as the how they operate the machines , tanks etc and i have learn a lot of information about the military . I can use this trip to the SAF open house and apply it when i have National Service as it is related. The hardest part of term 1 would be keeping up with the weekly reflection blogging and also the 5 activities , 1 heritage trail.

I also still want to learn about the different ways on being a better citizen.


AEC – Week 5 Reflection

After reading the short story, i have learned a lot of things that i did not know and it told me that as Singapore grows rapidly in economy and many other aspects, some people  might not be able to keep up with the rapid growth and could lead to a lot of complications. I also feel very sad for the author as she felt that the cost of expenses living in Singapore are way too high for her and would cause a lot of stress to her and she wants to retire in Thailand which is much cheaper.

I would write the same story as this story have portray realistically and accurately what living in Singapore would be like , although the story was written a while back the story is still applicable to what most Singaporean teenagers would feel.

AEC – Reflection Week 4

I think some of the Singaporean concerns are that the standard of living in Singapore would increase even more and the cost of living in Singapore would also increase and i feel that it would cause them to think about migrating to another country like Australia or Malaysia. However, since Singapore education is the best in Asia , so a lot of families would think twice on migrating to another country since they would want their children to have the best education possible.

I feel ultimately that there could be a happy marriage between these two different concerns .

AEC -Week 3 Reflection

What I Know About Money


What I want to know about money management What I have learnt about money management
The managing of money How to have a good control of money Do not buy on impulse
The management of money How to not overspend Plan on things to buy
    Difference on needs and wants


My favourite video is the one on either you are a spender or saver. From that i have learn that not only having a bad management of money will lead to bankruptcy, it can lead to many different things like relationship failures and also a mountain of problems.

AEC – Week 2 Reflection

If i am a parent, i would want to be a parent which is like a sibling or a good friend to my children, but the regular parenting method still is a must. I would play games , sports with them. Instead of not playing and spending quality time with the children, which would slowly lead to a grow in hatred between the parent and children and the family would not be very bonded close.


I feel that if i just spend quality time and have fun together with the children and have like a friend relationship with them, they would be less likely to be led astray. I conclude that if we just have a good balance between quality and fun and games with our children and also discipline, the children and parents would definitely have a better time.

AEC – Week 1 Reflection

I feel that if majority of the people were a better citizen, the world would be much better place as there would be lesser crimes and majority of the people would have almost the same level of respect to each other.


I think that any adjustments done to anyone’s daily life, whether it was a minor adjustment or a major adjustment can still help in being a better citizen. I feel that by not littering or try not to wasting electricity or wasting food could be a good start to being a better citizen. I could also be a better netizen by posting sensibly and also treat other netizen with respect.