AEC Heritage Trail

For the heritage trail that i chose to do is Toa Payoh heritage trail.

Mark and I did this trail together and we decided to do the 3 places that we find are more interesting to write about. So the 3 places that we went are :

  • Toa Payoh Town Park
  • Toa Payoh Dragon Playground
  • Chung Hwa Medical Institution

The reason why i decided to embark on this heritage trail out of the many others is because Toa Payoh is considered as a very old part of Singapore and there are also some of its old structures still left in Toa Payoh and since my grand parents live and i am actually not very familiar with the area and so i thought this would be a opportunity to familiarise with the area.

Toa Payoh Town Park

This is the first place that we went to is the Toa Payoh Town Park and the place surprisingly has a very calm and relaxing ambient to it. The place have a lot of different features like the man-made ponds , bridges , gazebos and trellises , pathways and pavilions. There is actually quite a few different types of tree in the park such as Weeping Willows , Flames of the Forest, Angsanas and Bamboos . There is also a observation tower that was built in 1972 but it was closed to the public in 2011.fdf1a153-d328-4cc6-a598-3ea852450017

Personally i chose this place as i like the places with a very calm and relaxing ambient and mood and places that is filled with greenery.

Toa Payoh Dragon Playground

The next place that we went is Toa Payoh Dragon Playground. a53803fc-517d-4be0-81b5-17609ece0150I have never thought that this place would still exist , everything there was still left intact , although most of the parts have rusted and it also have the sandy surface remained. It was HDB’s first ever series of playground designs which had an animal theme. The playground had a tweak made to it which had a larger head tiled and the glass in red , blue , orange and green versions.d8b7ddf0-278e-4bd1-a83f-f533b42d4e5d

This dragon playground is one of the two remaining playgrounds with this design and the other playground is located in Ang Mo Kio. While the Toa Payoh playground still retains its original sand surface, the Ang Mo Kio one has been covered with rubber mats.

Chung Hwa Medical Institution

For the last place that we went is the Chung Hwa Medical Institution. It was founded by a group of TCM physician in 1946 . Funds were raised for the construction of the clinic through the efforts by the community, including those of some 5000 taxi drivers and 500 trishaw riders who donated their takings.People have offered their antiques and heirlooms for auctions, while business leaders have donated a substantial amount. Charity sales , musicals , dinners, performance events were also held and eventually raising more than S$5 million dollars for the clinic. Not only the clinic treating the patients , it also provided free medicines and herbs with patients paying 50 cents for registration fee. I felt that this project of building a clinic for the residents was a great idea and it helped the people there and especially the elderly and there is also a herbal garden which they grow the herbs instead of buying them .


In a nutshell , i have enjoyed my trip to Toa Payoh and it have made me learn more about the history of the place and how the people in the past may have live their daily life in Toa Payoh. This trip also helped me to know about the old side of Singapore which nowadays people would normally not particularly care about and also explore some parts of Singapore which i did not know about.


Game Time

I chose this box as after i played the board game “Earthopoly”which i find it very interesting and a unique twist to the original board game “Monopoly” , I played the game with my friends since we could not find any other games to play and so we decided on playing the game “Earthopoly”.

We thought the game would be very different from the original board game, but it fairly similar on the gameplay but there are a few different things changed, most of the properties are changed to some random nature related places .For example, one of the places is called “Majestic Mountains”, “Mother Earth” and “Sparkling Blue Sky”.The tokens for the games are changed to pebbles , seashells and wood pieces. The chance and community cards are also changed to “Give” and “Take” instead. There are questions in the “Give” cards , which requires the player who draw the card to ask the person beside them the question on the card and if the other player managed to answer it, the person who asked the question have to give $50 to them and vice versa if the player answering it did not managed to answer it correctly. There is also a special twist to this game in which all the money payed for taxes is placed in the center and for the player who managed to land on the space “Pitch in” gets to take all the money on the center.

I recommend this game to families, kids and also anybody who wants to play “Monopoly” but with a twist. I think that this board game is a much better alternative to the original board game “Monopoly” as it helps the players gain more knowledge about the nature,while providing information to seed their interest about carbon tax, wind power, and pristine environments.

I think this game helped me to learn a lot about the nature and helps me to be more aware on how to be more eco-friendly.


Global Voices

I have chose this box as it is like “STOMP” but for around the world and it is a lot more credible and they credit properly the appropriate people. There are a lot of different news reported in the website ranging from good news to bad news and i have decided to read and write about this article

A Young Liberian Refugee, Educated in America, Chooses to Move Back ‘Home’

From this article i learned a lot from the stories , which Jefferson Krua , a Liberian refugee who managed to flee to America from the civil war that is happening in Liberia. His life got hard the moment he got into America as he was allowed to go from home to school to church and that was it , he heard of other young Africans who were returning to their continent and so he decided to return to Africa and help out the people in Liberia by opening a digital  news outlet which trains journalist to report with accuracy and also working on a bike share program to Monrovia, which can help kids to travel faster. The reason Jefferson Krua decided to move back Liberia was because no matter how much he studied and contribute to the society in America , he will always be considered as a black man in America. His dreams and goals in life are focused on helping rebuild his country and he feared that one day he would wake up to a civil war in Liberia.



From this article i have learn a lot about how the minorities in America are treated which is unfair as the stereotype of black man being very intimidating and very bad mannered and also violence associated with black people in America which can cause a lot of misunderstanding to happen. I also learned that it is important to be true to your roots and where you come from, which Jefferson Krua did and went back to Liberia which he would have to start out from nothing to try help the people. From Jefferson Krua i can also learn that we should not take things for granted and we should try to give back what we have to society and help the people that needed help .

Unusual Occupations

The unusual job that i have found and would undertake in the future would be a Lego certified professional.

A Certified LEGO Professional is a community-based program that is made up of adult LEGO hobbyists that have turned their passion for building and creating with LEGO bricks into a full-time or part-time job, A Certified LEGO Professionals are not LEGO employees, they are just recognised by LEGO as business partners, that means they can profit from the LEGO creations they sold .

I considered the job “Lego Certified Professional” unusual as it is not something most people would consider as their dream job or a job that people might take up, Nicholas Foo is the only full-time “Lego Certified Professional” in Asia, he creates unique gifts using LEGO materials by tailoring his creations to individuals needs of his clients. A few of his notable creations are the Merlion statue and a actual scale of a Monkey bike model.



His love for LEGO started when he received his first LEGO set which is a small car with less than 20 pieces when he was just eight which then he instantly fell in love with the colourful building blocks and the idea of putting things together only to take them apart to create new things.

He have been in the creative industry for over 10 years and he felt that he have reached a point of restrained with his work and the big turning point for him to go professional was after he created a gift of a bear with a hidden compartment in its tummy that could hide smaller gifts.It was then he decided to make his hobby into something that he could profit from.



According to Nicholas Foo, it is hard being as a LEGO Certified Professionals as there are set criteria that he has to meet which not only requires him to have good building skills and also to be creative and he have to work 12 to 14 hours a day .

I would not mind to undertake this job in the future as i think this job would be quite fun in a sense that it requires you to be creative and to me i would feel very accomplish and happy after completing a artwork as i feel that the end product would be very appealing to the other people. As a kid , i have always played with LEGO and felt that with LEGO bricks  i can create all kind of different things. This job would be great for me as i feel that with this job i can feel freedom as there is no rules and specific way in completing the task.

The word “Unusual” to me means something that is unique and very hard to come by.It also means that something out of ordinary.LEGO Certified Professional is something out of the ordinary and something that i would not have thought it exists, but it is also something that is unique and interesting to undertake in the future as it requires a lot of thinking.

Made In Singapore

There have been many different inventions that are invented in Singapore in the recent years with famous brands like “Razer” and the famous dating app “Paktor” and a trading and selling app “Carousell” which might have in some way shaped Singapore to how it is today.

For the invention that i have decided to talk about is thumbdrive. The thumb drive is local invented product which have changed significantly on how we store things and it is a invention that is known world wide.

The thumb drive had two companies competing claims on it, they were the “Trek Technology” and “Netac Technology”. Both the companies have tried to claim the credit on inventing the thumb drive but ultimately Trek Technology won the lawsuit.



In the year 1995, Henn Tan bought Trek Technology for S$1 million dollars with a plan on trying to utilising the USB feature to replace the floppy disk to Thumb drives as floppy disk has a very minimal storage capacity and is quite big in size that it is not very portable.

In the year 2000, Trek Technology launched its first ever Thumb drive at a IT Fair in Germany, although the booth was modestly decorated, it received overwhelming amount of response of the new product.In the same year, Trek Technology began selling their product “Thumb Drives” commercially, and eventually business started to improve further and the product was recognised internationally.

If i was a inventor, i would invent something that would help those elderly that are physically weak and would assist them in a lot of daily things like helping them carry the heavy groceries that they bought or help them be able to walk normally without feeling tired after a while. Personally i feel that this would be a great help for the elderly and especially my grand parents who are getting old already.

Worker Writes

From the two poems , which are both written from the same poet, i think that the poem “Pocket 2″that won the migrant worker poetry competition was my favourite poem out of the two poems. The poem “Pocket 2” was written by Zakir Hossain Khokon , the poem is about the poet and his wife , it is about how the both of them are separated and the memories they had.


Source / Zakir Hossain standing in the center

Upon reading the two poem , i think the poem “Pocket 2” made more sense than the poem “I am sorry” and i can relate better from the poem “Pocket 2”. The reasons why i think “Pocket 2” is my favourite poem is because i can relate about how the husband have to sacrifice his time spend with his wife and also not being able to see her for quite a long time just to support the family.

The poem also have a deep meaning to it as couples might be separated for a long time and a long distance, but there are different things that can represent their relationship. As for the poem it was the husband particular shirt and how he wears that shirt every night to remember his wife.

Term 1 Reflection

From term 1, there have been a couple of difficult times and great moments. The best part of term 1 for me is the trip to the SAF open house , i have learn a lot of things there such as the how they operate the machines , tanks etc and i have learn a lot of information about the military . I can use this trip to the SAF open house and apply it when i have National Service as it is related. The hardest part of term 1 would be keeping up with the weekly reflection blogging and also the 5 activities , 1 heritage trail.

I also still want to learn about the different ways on being a better citizen.