Worker Writes

From the two poems , which are both written from the same poet, i think that the poem “Pocket 2″that won the migrant worker poetry competition was my favourite poem out of the two poems. The poem “Pocket 2” was written by Zakir Hossain Khokon , the poem is about the poet and his wife , it is about how the both of them are separated and the memories they had.


Source / Zakir Hossain standing in the center

Upon reading the two poem , i think the poem “Pocket 2” made more sense than the poem “I am sorry” and i can relate better from the poem “Pocket 2”. The reasons why i think “Pocket 2” is my favourite poem is because i can relate about how the husband have to sacrifice his time spend with his wife and also not being able to see her for quite a long time just to support the family.

The poem also have a deep meaning to it as couples might be separated for a long time and a long distance, but there are different things that can represent their relationship. As for the poem it was the husband particular shirt and how he wears that shirt every night to remember his wife.


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