Unusual Occupations

The unusual job that i have found and would undertake in the future would be a Lego certified professional.

A Certified LEGO Professional is a community-based program that is made up of adult LEGO hobbyists that have turned their passion for building and creating with LEGO bricks into a full-time or part-time job, A Certified LEGO Professionals are not LEGO employees, they are just recognised by LEGO as business partners, that means they can profit from the LEGO creations they sold .

I considered the job “Lego Certified Professional” unusual as it is not something most people would consider as their dream job or a job that people might take up, Nicholas Foo is the only full-time “Lego Certified Professional” in Asia, he creates unique gifts using LEGO materials by tailoring his creations to individuals needs of his clients. A few of his notable creations are the Merlion statue and a actual scale of a Monkey bike model.



His love for LEGO started when he received his first LEGO set which is a small car with less than 20 pieces when he was just eight which then he instantly fell in love with the colourful building blocks and the idea of putting things together only to take them apart to create new things.

He have been in the creative industry for over 10 years and he felt that he have reached a point of restrained with his work and the big turning point for him to go professional was after he created a gift of a bear with a hidden compartment in its tummy that could hide smaller gifts.It was then he decided to make his hobby into something that he could profit from.



According to Nicholas Foo, it is hard being as a LEGO Certified Professionals as there are set criteria that he has to meet which not only requires him to have good building skills and also to be creative and he have to work 12 to 14 hours a day .

I would not mind to undertake this job in the future as i think this job would be quite fun in a sense that it requires you to be creative and to me i would feel very accomplish and happy after completing a artwork as i feel that the end product would be very appealing to the other people. As a kid , i have always played with LEGO and felt that with LEGO bricks  i can create all kind of different things. This job would be great for me as i feel that with this job i can feel freedom as there is no rules and specific way in completing the task.

The word “Unusual” to me means something that is unique and very hard to come by.It also means that something out of ordinary.LEGO Certified Professional is something out of the ordinary and something that i would not have thought it exists, but it is also something that is unique and interesting to undertake in the future as it requires a lot of thinking.


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