Made In Singapore

There have been many different inventions that are invented in Singapore in the recent years with famous brands like “Razer” and the famous dating app “Paktor” and a trading and selling app “Carousell” which might have in some way shaped Singapore to how it is today.

For the invention that i have decided to talk about is thumbdrive. The thumb drive is local invented product which have changed significantly on how we store things and it is a invention that is known world wide.

The thumb drive had two companies competing claims on it, they were the “Trek Technology” and “Netac Technology”. Both the companies have tried to claim the credit on inventing the thumb drive but ultimately Trek Technology won the lawsuit.



In the year 1995, Henn Tan bought Trek Technology for S$1 million dollars with a plan on trying to utilising the USB feature to replace the floppy disk to Thumb drives as floppy disk has a very minimal storage capacity and is quite big in size that it is not very portable.

In the year 2000, Trek Technology launched its first ever Thumb drive at a IT Fair in Germany, although the booth was modestly decorated, it received overwhelming amount of response of the new product.In the same year, Trek Technology began selling their product “Thumb Drives” commercially, and eventually business started to improve further and the product was recognised internationally.

If i was a inventor, i would invent something that would help those elderly that are physically weak and would assist them in a lot of daily things like helping them carry the heavy groceries that they bought or help them be able to walk normally without feeling tired after a while. Personally i feel that this would be a great help for the elderly and especially my grand parents who are getting old already.


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