Global Voices

I have chose this box as it is like “STOMP” but for around the world and it is a lot more credible and they credit properly the appropriate people. There are a lot of different news reported in the website ranging from good news to bad news and i have decided to read and write about this article

A Young Liberian Refugee, Educated in America, Chooses to Move Back ‘Home’

From this article i learned a lot from the stories , which Jefferson Krua , a Liberian refugee who managed to flee to America from the civil war that is happening in Liberia. His life got hard the moment he got into America as he was allowed to go from home to school to church and that was it , he heard of other young Africans who were returning to their continent and so he decided to return to Africa and help out the people in Liberia by opening a digital  news outlet which trains journalist to report with accuracy and also working on a bike share program to Monrovia, which can help kids to travel faster. The reason Jefferson Krua decided to move back Liberia was because no matter how much he studied and contribute to the society in America , he will always be considered as a black man in America. His dreams and goals in life are focused on helping rebuild his country and he feared that one day he would wake up to a civil war in Liberia.



From this article i have learn a lot about how the minorities in America are treated which is unfair as the stereotype of black man being very intimidating and very bad mannered and also violence associated with black people in America which can cause a lot of misunderstanding to happen. I also learned that it is important to be true to your roots and where you come from, which Jefferson Krua did and went back to Liberia which he would have to start out from nothing to try help the people. From Jefferson Krua i can also learn that we should not take things for granted and we should try to give back what we have to society and help the people that needed help .


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