Game Time

I chose this box as after i played the board game “Earthopoly”which i find it very interesting and a unique twist to the original board game “Monopoly” , I played the game with my friends since we could not find any other games to play and so we decided on playing the game “Earthopoly”.

We thought the game would be very different from the original board game, but it fairly similar on the gameplay but there are a few different things changed, most of the properties are changed to some random nature related places .For example, one of the places is called “Majestic Mountains”, “Mother Earth” and “Sparkling Blue Sky”.The tokens for the games are changed to pebbles , seashells and wood pieces. The chance and community cards are also changed to “Give” and “Take” instead. There are questions in the “Give” cards , which requires the player who draw the card to ask the person beside them the question on the card and if the other player managed to answer it, the person who asked the question have to give $50 to them and vice versa if the player answering it did not managed to answer it correctly. There is also a special twist to this game in which all the money payed for taxes is placed in the center and for the player who managed to land on the space “Pitch in” gets to take all the money on the center.

I recommend this game to families, kids and also anybody who wants to play “Monopoly” but with a twist. I think that this board game is a much better alternative to the original board game “Monopoly” as it helps the players gain more knowledge about the nature,while providing information to seed their interest about carbon tax, wind power, and pristine environments.

I think this game helped me to learn a lot about the nature and helps me to be more aware on how to be more eco-friendly.



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