AEC Heritage Trail

For the heritage trail that i chose to do is Toa Payoh heritage trail.

Mark and I did this trail together and we decided to do the 3 places that we find are more interesting to write about. So the 3 places that we went are :

  • Toa Payoh Town Park
  • Toa Payoh Dragon Playground
  • Chung Hwa Medical Institution

The reason why i decided to embark on this heritage trail out of the many others is because Toa Payoh is considered as a very old part of Singapore and there are also some of its old structures still left in Toa Payoh and since my grand parents live and i am actually not very familiar with the area and so i thought this would be a opportunity to familiarise with the area.

Toa Payoh Town Park

This is the first place that we went to is the Toa Payoh Town Park and the place surprisingly has a very calm and relaxing ambient to it. The place have a lot of different features like the man-made ponds , bridges , gazebos and trellises , pathways and pavilions. There is actually quite a few different types of tree in the park such as Weeping Willows , Flames of the Forest, Angsanas and Bamboos . There is also a observation tower that was built in 1972 but it was closed to the public in 2011.fdf1a153-d328-4cc6-a598-3ea852450017

Personally i chose this place as i like the places with a very calm and relaxing ambient and mood and places that is filled with greenery.

Toa Payoh Dragon Playground

The next place that we went is Toa Payoh Dragon Playground. a53803fc-517d-4be0-81b5-17609ece0150I have never thought that this place would still exist , everything there was still left intact , although most of the parts have rusted and it also have the sandy surface remained. It was HDB’s first ever series of playground designs which had an animal theme. The playground had a tweak made to it which had a larger head tiled and the glass in red , blue , orange and green versions.d8b7ddf0-278e-4bd1-a83f-f533b42d4e5d

This dragon playground is one of the two remaining playgrounds with this design and the other playground is located in Ang Mo Kio. While the Toa Payoh playground still retains its original sand surface, the Ang Mo Kio one has been covered with rubber mats.

Chung Hwa Medical Institution

For the last place that we went is the Chung Hwa Medical Institution. It was founded by a group of TCM physician in 1946 . Funds were raised for the construction of the clinic through the efforts by the community, including those of some 5000 taxi drivers and 500 trishaw riders who donated their takings.People have offered their antiques and heirlooms for auctions, while business leaders have donated a substantial amount. Charity sales , musicals , dinners, performance events were also held and eventually raising more than S$5 million dollars for the clinic. Not only the clinic treating the patients , it also provided free medicines and herbs with patients paying 50 cents for registration fee. I felt that this project of building a clinic for the residents was a great idea and it helped the people there and especially the elderly and there is also a herbal garden which they grow the herbs instead of buying them .


In a nutshell , i have enjoyed my trip to Toa Payoh and it have made me learn more about the history of the place and how the people in the past may have live their daily life in Toa Payoh. This trip also helped me to know about the old side of Singapore which nowadays people would normally not particularly care about and also explore some parts of Singapore which i did not know about.


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